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Wind Ghodawat 1650
The Ghodawat 1650 Wind Energy Converter (WEC) manufactured by GEPL uses the most advanced European Technology from AMSC-WINDTEC GmbH. The WEC is designed to operate with highest standards of reliability and efficiency which is certified by GERMANISCHER LLOYD (GL).

AMSC-WINDTEC is a fully owned subsidiary of American Superconductor Corporation (AMSC) and has over 15 years of experience in designing and development of WECs.

Ghodawat 1650 has a power output of 1650 KW and utilises state-of-the-art pitch system design.

Unique features of Ghodawat 1650
1). Integral Drive Train
A patented Windtec solution, which incorporates the rotor shaft and gearbox as a single unit. The gearbox has three stages i.e. two planetary reduction stages and a parallel shaft gear stage. The helical tooth planetary stages & the helical tooth parallel-shaft stage are optimised with shape & tooth trace compensation. To compensate loads, the planetary stage sun wheels are self adjusting.

2). Unique Electrical Pitch System Design with integrated Safety LOCK TM
When wind speed exceeds the limits, the pitch mechanism quickly & smoothly adjusts the angle of rotor blade to suit the wind. This ensures the optimum aero-dynamic flow conditions on the blades. This helps the basic requirements of quiet, effective and low loads operation. In case of any error, the pitch system is powered by only one battery - located in the nacelle - to maintain the pitch control. If there is an overall pitch drive fault, the integrated Safety LOCK TM system always allows the blades to turn into a feathering position.

3). Generator and Power Electronics
Ghodawat 1650 is equipped with a Double Fed three phase Induction Generator. The advanced power electronics (IGBT converter) ensures that the generator works with highest efficiency over the entire speed range. The generator and power electronics are cooled by a water-air heat exchanger and the temperature is continuously monitored by sensors.

4). Lift for Maintenance Purpose
5). Bus Ducts in Tower - to avoid cable thefts
6). Compact Unitized Substation for better reliability

Technical Characteristics

Integrated Rotor Shaft and Gearbox
Water Cooled Double Fed Three Phase Induction Generators
Individual Electrical Pitch System with Safety LOCK TM
Distributed Control System and Remote Monitor and Control Systems
Variable Speed Constant Frequency Technology

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